I'm so happy I'm happy dancin like a maniac over here! WOOO HOOO! I got the email this morning that the Quilt Shop has added PayPal! WOO HOO! I am SO happy b/c now I can order a LOT more stuff! (course my wallet may not be so happy *snort*) First thing that I have purchased is a Bar Harbour Layer Cake b/c I want to make the quilt that Hillbilly posted for us that's from the Moda site, can't wait to get that cake and get it done! Sometimes, I get so tired of piecing so I'm planning on ordering a couple more Layer Cakes to make a very simple and very large quilt LOL!

Also, I have to give BIG KUDOS to the computer dood b/c he got the PP up, going and fully functional so quickly?! WOW! Most places I've dealt w/are struggling w/working out the kinks for WEEKS! But not here, got my email, went to the site and ordered, got a receipt already from my account and MSQC.

On to more quilting and working on my "Master Quilter" 's status ... but that takes years

As always, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! to MSQC for making my quilting dreams come true!