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Thread: Welcome Tuesday

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    Happy Tuesday / Wednesday everyone
    lovely quilt
    its been sunny here today, alas did not see much of it, behind closed doors sleep has not been easy, last night all the areas of discontent decided to light up again, so went to get the med's, it was a strange time, mostly because realised the aa battery needed recharging in the clock again, it ticked second hand moved but then sprung back, before pinging over the high part of cog tooth.

    When all settled back in bed, a weird strange thing happened, we were all there, when the back room door sounded like it slammed shut, no windows open. we all jumped, himself dispatched himself to go see, what had moved / happened, we have been experiencing some 'odd things for years', loo rolls throwing themselves on floor, the odd box jumping off the shelf, the sort of things we put down to vibrations of passing traffic during the day, but at night when its quiet and still, well we still say its vibrations of passing traffic, otherwise think must be an earth quake which are quite rare in the UK. Alas nothing was misplaced, we are baffled.

    my plans are to wake up tomorrow, continue to make the purrs happy, support himself with his tasks,
    sending get well wishes for everyone to get well soon
    keep warm, enjoy doing what makes you happy.
    have a great day

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    Default Re: Welcome Tuesday

    I have a small tray with a suction cup in the shower, every once in a while it decides to let go and clatter to the floor. It is always at night.

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