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    Default Juki 2010 - rattling take-up spring

    I've been using my Juki 2010q for a couple of weeks now, practicing FMQ, and about a week into it, the machine started having this mildly annoying rattling sound. After narrowing it down, I've found it seems to be the thread take-up spring that's rattling (because it hums quietly when not threaded). The machine works fine, but I liked it better when it was quiet. Does anyone know what to do about a rattly take-up spring? Is there something I can tighten? I've oiled everything, so that's not it and the machine manual is no help.

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    Default Re: Juki 2010 - rattling take-up spring

    Since it's more than likely under warranty, I'd take it to the shop.

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    Default Re: Juki 2010 - rattling take-up spring

    If the take-up spring appears to be functioning properly as the take up lever moves through it's stroke, it most likely isn't the spring. If the spring were broke or dislodged somehow from the dial it wouldn't function correctly. When threaded and under tension (foot down) there isn't enough play in it to rattle. I'd look beyond the tensioner.

    A machine running un-threaded is generally quiet, regardless. Thread it and everything in the thread path is affected. There's a point in each stitch when the is under tension, and a period it's slack. This will cause something along the line to rattle, if it's going to, every time. I've seen rattles caused by everything from the spool, to spool pins take-up lever, lose needle, lose screws, thread guides, bobbin cases, cover plates and so on. The thread introduces a lot of "jerkiness" we wouldn't expect. Your Juki has a pre-tensioner/guide which should also be suspect.

    A sewing machine is so small, and transfers sound wonderfully. Any cause of an odd sound could be coming completely from the opposite end of where we might think. This is a pretty simple fix most likely so any shop can no doubt find it if you don't have a local Juki guy. Where are you located?
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