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    Default Re: Secret Santa 2020 is now open

    Quote Originally Posted by KPH View Post
    Carol, there are some options that will open up: alternative themes, being able to choose your own theme for a couple of months, and if you find something you just want to purchase as a gift for a month or two, that's Okay, too.

    The thing that I did and I found the most helpful to me- when I found something that would work for a monthly theme, I would do it right then. I did not make my gifts in any particular order. lol, In fact, last year I made October's first and then January's. Thankfully, I had not quite half of them done before I broke my wrist.

    I found that these are great fun change of pace project to do between quilts!
    Sounds great Katrina......thanks so much for the tips. So will we get the complete list of themes at the beginnning or did you just figure that October would be halloweenish.

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    Default Re: Secret Santa 2020 is now open

    From the sounds of things, there will be a January theme that the moderator rounds up to get us started. Then if you are interested, you sign up to contribute a theme for a month. If chosen, you will send in your suggestion, she will compile the list and have it out for us by the end of January.
    It was great ot have the list ahead of time. Then we could work on whatever monthly theme struck our fancy, or if we're out someplace and found the perfect thing for a different month we could pick it up. Last year they had a couple of alternate themes to choose from, that was handy as sometimes a theme stumps you.

    If you have a question, need help with a theme, or need ideas; toss the question up on the group discussion board. The other participants have wonderful ideas and they are happy to share.
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