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    Default Re: How Would You Quilt This Top?

    It's my understanding that M* 's quilting is computerized & would be an all-over design. No custom work.

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    Default Re: How Would You Quilt This Top?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jess.senseofadventure View Post
    Thank you all so much for your compliments, input and advice!!! You have given me lots of ideas to think about. I do know of one quilter in the area to ask about cost. Sounds like I will have to save up if I go for custom quilting. Thanks for suggesting Missouri star as well. I hadn't thought of that. I do like the idea of finishing a quilt from start to finish, but I don't think I'm ever going to be one of those amazing free motion quilters. I just don't enjoy that part of it that much. I do love the piecing. And yes, I do want the piecing to shine. Thanks for confirming that the piecing can also look good with custom quilting. I will talk to the quilter here and see what she can do as far as both options. Thank you again so much! I like getting other quilter's opinions when I am struggling to decide.
    Are you a member of a quilt guild? If so, ask if any of the quilters would like to do a trade. Maybe trade a quilt top for quilting or hand sewing binding down on their quilts.

    You can expect to pay $.02 a square inch for edge to edge quilting. I think for that price that M* includes the batting. You will need to ask someone who has used their services.

    A twin mattress is 38" X 75" = 2850 X .02 = $57 thats without drop. Some quilters have a minimum charge. Lets say you have a 6" drop on the sides and bottom. ( 38 + 6 + 6) X (75 + 6) = 50 X 81 = 4050 X .02 = $81.00

    That's just edge to edge. Custom is usually .03 to .05 per square inch. $121.50 to $202.50

    I'm not a professional quilter. You would need to look around and compare prices. Some include batting, and some may sell backing fabric. Some charge per bobbin, and some charge if they have to use more than one thread color.

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    Default Re: How Would You Quilt This Top?

    I did just learn of a couple of quilt guilds in the area. I will look into that more. Might find more people who do quilting too.

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