It's so frustrating, isn't it? The only reason I even checked outside the door was that I looked online to see if it was out for delivery and it showed that it had already been delivered. I'm still waiting for my package from FQS - I ordered that the day before my M* order and there are no updates other than it was picked up from their warehouse on Nov. 29th.

With Amazon, we choose the option to have our packages delivered to the nearest postal facility which is only a five minute drive away. If I can choose, I will always ask for a signature as well so that they HAVE to ring the bell.

You're right Suzanne. Delivery to Canada is great now and, yes, enabling as well. On a different note, I love to read many of your comments that mention the areas around Ottawa. My family lived in Barrhaven for two years about ten years ago. You bring back great memories for me!