Good morning all,
I thought I would get thread going. Monique is enjoying some time away, and I wish I was there.

Yesterday was busy with Dorothy. We cut 2 1/2 bolts of batting and 4 x 30y bolts of flannel for VQC. We skipped coffee as I had to be back for DH appt to get hearing aids fitted. Wow, lots of instructions. Glad we both went. Between the two of us, we ought to remember. He found it noisy, as he could now hear things he hasn't heard in long time.

This morning, I am going to my cousin's son funeral. He was 48 and had a heart attack at home. I'm not certain how many people will be there, as my cousin has a 10 siblings. They lived on a farm until they all moved away. None of them stayed in farming.

After supper, I will go set up for tomorrow's craft show. I hope I sell lots, as I really am trying to get out of this. I did have a friend tell me recently that she doubts this, as I am passionate about sewing and selling.

Have an enjoyable day.