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    Default Re: It's finally Friday

    Really getting here late today. We had some errands to run this morning and then when I got home from that it was after noon so I called my friend Ceil to see if she was available to have lunch. She was so we had a nice visit and then I headed over to my former department and stopped in to see some co-workers. After I returned home from that, I finished up the last minute packing for tomorrow's craft fair. All done and ready to be packed up into the car. Last craft fair of the season. There was one more we were going to do in December but with me heading to California, we thought better of it. Too much stress getting ready for that one too.

    Karen, it sure does sound like a busy weekend for you. Katrina, how wonderful that your trip was so good today. Robin, glad you had a good day in your sewing room yesterday. Have fun with Max later. Barb, glad your ice is melting. Oh my goodness, Carol, I would have fainted at that price too. Beth, I hope you get your sewing mojo back soon.

    Suzanne, good luck at your craft fair tomorrow. Cathy, see you tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Friday evening everyone.
    Ginny B


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    Default Re: It's finally Friday

    Good Afternoon, Everyone ~ I'm also late today. I was here briefly at 6 a.m., but didn't have time for a lengthy post.

    Yest. our lawn service came for the fall clean-up of the yard. Four guys came; they were done in less than an hour. I suppose we'll get charged for the full hour. At $44./man hour that adds up. There probably will be a dump fee as well, which adds another $20. At least the yard looks spiffed up & nice. I had planned to do some hand watering of the flower beds this afternoon, but didn't get to it. Maybe tomorrow.

    I resumed some FMQ on my son's lap quilt. It's been a WIP for way too long. It's the Buckeye Beauty pattern.

    This a.m. was our monthly senior fellowship & lunch at the church. This is the last mtg. our pastor will be coordinating these events; he retires the end of Nov. I'm very sad to see them go.

    On the way home I stopped for groc. Turkey patties & cooking up apples for sauce will be on tomorrow's to-do list.

    Speaking of costly prescriptions ~ For >20 yrs. I've used a Premarin product. My co-pay (pre-Medicare days & pre-Obamacare, when we had good Rx coverage) was about $17. This Rx used to have 42 doses. The drug co. reduced the doses to 30 & jacked up the price. This item now costs ~$400.! At the first of each year, we have to pay a $400. deductible. So the first time I filled this Rx this year it cost me out-of-pocket $392.74. Is that highway robbery or what?!! This is an old drug -- way past research & development days, so why do they charge so much? Pure greed! and because they can & we're helpless to do anything about it. Look at how the drug companies are gouging customers for the Epi pens, insulin, & some of the cancer drugs? Life is not fair. Okay, I'll get off my soap box.

    I started re-reading some of my Catherine Cookson books. She's a British author, no longer living. I have a good collection of her books, although not all of them. She also wrote under the name Catherine Marchant.

    Well, it's almost news time. I hope everyone has a good week end.

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    Default Re: It's finally Friday

    My craft table, racks are all set up, I had almost forgot to get change, but got to the bank on time. I guess I could have kept the second table I had rented, but a friend really wanted to get in, so I don't mind.

    I visited mom for a few hours this afternoon. She was glad to hear about my cousins who attended the funeral. I didn't know him well -- only met him a few times, but There were many lovely eulogies by family and friends. Many of them asked about mom, and couldn't believe she was still around. Most of them live far away.

    Good luck everyone on sales at your craft shows. Tis the season.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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