Good morning everyone. I kept myself busy on the weekend. Saturday was spent putting together 3 table runners. I have put them right sides together and then turn them out. They are now ready to finish. Hubby took me out for breakfast yesterday which was a really nice treat. I also did some grocery shopping at the same time.

My sinuses are starting to bother me. I took an advil when I got home and lay down for a nap. I felt much better when I awoke. I made a lemon pie, which is G's favorite. He arrived in late afternoon. We enjoyed a delicious supper together.

Today is Remembrance Day. We will all be attending the service here in our little village. I will try and get some pictures. Not sure what the rest of day will bring. The van is going into the shop to have winter tires installed, in time for snow later today.

Have a blessed day my friends.