We're we just talking about this last week?????

I've been doing the bowl cozies for three years now. They sell very well for me and I've prided myself that I've done them well and know what I'm doing. People are happy, I'm happy. Two days ago I heard that a potato zapper of mine caught fire. SAY WHAT? How did that happen??? I've been so careful????

So I've been racking my brains over how this DID happen. I had pulled out some fabric I had from about 4 years and made a set with it 4 bowls/2 zappers. Didn't realize it had some poly in it. I rarely ever purchased a poly blend. I'd have said this just couldn't happen to me. Ah but Pride go-ith before the Fall. And so it goes :-(

I had one of those zappers left and I tested it. I would think the smell in my kitchen at the moment would be punishment enough but it's not. I can't keep from mentally using myself as a whipping post. I don't know the woman so I can't replace it as I heard it second hand. (Awful isn't it as one mistake like this can ruin your craft fair reputation). And basically why would she trust a replacement from me anyway.

I'm so upset I feel devastated. (P.S. and oh yeah what else were we talking about this week too? It's a red and white POLKA DOT fabric!!!)