Hello! I made a HUGE error on a very special quilt, and I'm hoping that one of you might have some advice for me!

When preparing a large quilt for machine-quilting, I ran out of spray adhesive and used another one that I had at home for the edges of the quilt. Everything appeared fine, but over time (and after being washed), the parts that had been sprayed with that adhesive began turning hideously dirty, almost greasy-looking. It only got worse after I washed it again. Some of the areas also feel "crunchy" or stiff where I used that adhesive.

I did extensive embroidery on the quilt top borders (an e.e. cummings poem), so I can't easily salvage the quilt top by tearing off the backing and borders and re-doing. Also, I used wool batting, which may affect what types of cleansers I can try.

This quilt was a labor of love and a gift for my baby's 2nd birthday. It has tons of hand-embroidery and is very large, so I am really hoping there might be some way to improve or salvage the stains. Thank you so much for any advice you might be able to offer! Thank you sincerely!Click image for larger version. 

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