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    Default Re: Sunday Morning Greetings! :)

    Sunny cool day here today. It got down below freezing the past couple of nights so the begonias bit the dust. Everything else seems ok for the moment. Leaves are still coming down and hubs has been raking and hauling to the recycling point almost daily, plus running over them with the lawn tractor to mulch/vacuum them up. We have 5 huge maples and the neighbors all have trees so fall clean-up seems to go on forever. Hubs does the lawn and veggie garden and the shrubs and flower beds are mine. I'm kinda lazy about it and other than cutting down the peonies and emptying flower pots, I leave most everything else as is. I recently discovered GardenAnswer over on Youtube...if you enjoy gardening give yourself a treat and watch Laura.
    Today we'll take the grand pup for a little hike now that it's warmed up. Not sure what's for supper. I'm craving curry.
    I'd like to get into the sewing room at some point to work on the block for the guild meeting in a couple of weeks.
    That's it from here. Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

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    Default Re: Sunday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Afternoon.

    Jim picked me up for church this morning since Morgan worked last night. I left the house at 70, was there for the 8 am rehearsal, then Sunday School, Church and Communion. I was glad to come home. I have a load in the washing machine. I fixed myself a hot dog and needless to say, made a mess of my new blouse.

    I left the preacher the name of the guy I met on the bus Friday. Chuck Berry, he's written a book, Blind Truth. It's a collection of acrostic poems and he's trying to get the word out through churches in the area. He gave me his information. I gave it to the preacher. I feel like I've done my part.

    Now, I'm going to fold up the baby quilts I have done, and place them in bags for safe keeping with the water colors I've done to go with them. I've given them three coats of UV clear paint to keep the water colors from fading.

    One day, Jim will finish the quilt ladders, and I'll have room in my cedar chest to put these gifts.

    It's beautiful outside today. Have fun doing something creative!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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