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    Default Re: Welcome Saturday

    Yesterday was one of those days where you have great plans ... and none of them happen.

    I had planned to get up and sew my bed-skirt-to-be all morning, then head to church at Noon. But, of course, there was a crisis at the job I'm retired from, so that took half my morning.

    In the middle of that, my daughter texted me suggesting that I buy a hose online that she could pick up near our new house so that she could water the parched citrus trees for us. Great idea, but once I placed the order, I had to figure out a way for her to be allowed to pick it up. That took a "chat session," but it worked. Then I realized that there might be a hold on the order because that store card has had fraud four times in the last year, and here I am placing an order to be picked up 500 miles away. That took a phone call and untold number of robo-choices before I could speak to a human being.

    I ended up being late for church. Hate that!

    But the good news is ... (Drum Roll, please) ... I have made wonderful progress on the bed skirt today and will probably finish it!!! I'm just one of those types who needs vast swaths of uninterrupted time to be able to work on a sewing project.
    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?

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    Default Re: Welcome Saturday

    Quote Originally Posted by KarenC View Post
    Paisley, What a beautiful view in your back yard.
    It is a beautiful view, but ofttimes distracting. I can lose an hour or so just taking in the beauty of the mountain.

    Pat - you’re a ‘neighbor’ too.

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    Default Re: Welcome Saturday

    A full day for me today.. had to get a nap in there after fixing Dinner. Now I'm heading into the sewing room to shut everything down. Oh, did I tell you, I was up at the crack of dawn-thirty. My boys had a crying fit to go to bed early last night, then another crying fit to get up and outside early this am. And we turn back the clocks tonight (lost another hour today.).

    I don't spoil them, really, I don't. I just figure they know what they want better than me, so when they run to the patio door, whining, I let them out. They will then run and get into their kennel (go to bed) and get a treat. Which worked out good for me in finding some extra time to clean up a sewing mess. But was a rude awakening early this am.

    I made a call to an ol' high school gf and was so happy I did. She was down and needed a little "remember When" talk. We are both widows but live over 2 hours apart so visiting isn't all that easy for either of us. I always get the "warm & fuzzies" after talking to her. Class Victorian, honor roll , over achiever was her MO.. and I was the messed up, late with homework, and skip that class kid. We got along great!! And still do. LOL

    Well got the whole dog routine to get thru tonight, so I can get those boys tucked in for the night. And figure out how to send myself some photos off my phone so I can share them with you. Blessings to all.

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