Remember when there were no cell phones...(pre 1985) computers....nothing portable we could take with us? Well, I just spent two weeks on the coast of NC with DH with a fishing pole. We did have the a lovely cottage on the sound, had lunch out every day and DH cooked fish at night. We went to bed at 9pm because the tv and computer didn't enter into our lives and even the rain and wind wasn't a deterrent to just being together.
Some of you pm'd me and granny Judy sent fabric for me to make a shriner baby quilt. When I left I took the sewing machine in for service under what I thought was the one year warranty. They cleaned it, put a new shank on it and charged me $160. They said it was labor. I was sure parts AND labor were warranteed but guess I was wrong. I had left them my credit card and had DD pick it up for me. I just don't think I feel llike argueing with them, probably just won't do business there any longer.
Life is good, GOD is great. I'm a little let down this morning with all the things that need attention, but that will pass. We had a big bear visit the house while we were gone. DH set up the game cam in the drive way by the garage to see if anyone bothered us so we saw him try to tear down the bird feeder. He also pushed the cover in on the pool. THank goodness he didn't fall in. That would have been a nightmare to get him out and it would have destroyed the pool but it seems alright. Still holding water!!
Leaves still on the still brilliant in the flower beds. Heading to the ponds to check on the fish. I have a chair that I've removed all the upholstery from before I left and cut out all the pieces that needs to be put back together. Someone called and asked for my FREE piano and maybe they'll take it. Yay!
I'm going to go check the new posts and see what you all have been up to. Love you all.