We spent the morning with our vet checking everything about Dottie. First of all, she has dementia but there is medication for that. Her congestive heart disease has not worsened since her last appointment (recently). She has not had a stroke nor is she deaf. What she has is fairly advanced arthritis in her back, hips and legs. Her arthritis medication should make this somewhat better. She has gained a little over 3 pounds (10% of her body weight) which is not good. Tom thinks these things can be managed for a while longer. She needs to get regimented exercise once her pain lessens to strengthen her muscles and cut down on her food. We are willing to try anything that is reasonable if it gives Dot a chance at a good life.....just doubtful at this time.

Please continue to pray for Dottie and us when you think of us.

Thanks...Hugs, Barb