It has to be Thursday, last night was Survivor.

This week is blowing by. The purple quilt is done and Mike and I will pick it up this afternoon. After he double checks his schedule, I'll call and make the appointment for family pictures. Hopefully, we'll be able to get them done next Friday.

Zeke will be here this morning. The three year old will be wanting to learn something new. I think I'll pull out the alphabet letters. Nana's been working with him on them and see if we can make some words. lol or maybe we'll watch Mickey Mouse.

It's actually below 70 here this morning. A cold front has moved through and rain is expected. I guess I'll be working on binding when we get home. I avoided the sewing room yesterday. I just wasn't motivated to clean in there. Now, I have to get it done.

Be creative, and have a great day!