Good morning everyone. Today promises to be a wet one, lots of rain expected. Unfortunately that will bring down leaves on the trees. Around the region, the leaves are at their best, better than they have been for a very long time.

I had a busy day yesterday. I dropped off all those magazines and boy was she surprised and very appreciative to have them. Both her and her husband are battling cancer. She is on her 5th round of chemo but feels good. He is not well himself. We had a short but good visit. I promised to visit a little more. From there it was Victoria's Quilts. We always have a quilt to hand quilt. And then home. I started my salsa and didn't finish until 8 pm last night. 35 jars later and lots of dishes but I got everything cleaned up before I went to bed.

Hubby usually works Wednesday nights but his shift got changed to Thursday days. I would like to get into the sewing room today, hopefully hubby doesn't have other plans for me, hahaha.

Well that's it for me for today. Enjoy your day today no matter what you do.