I just thought I would let you all know my Bone marrow Biopsy results aren't what I so desperately wanted. It sais Indicates remission has not been achieved. Granted there is a tiny amount of the hairy cells still in my marrow as compared to 70% that was in my first biopsy. I am hoping and praying the biopsy was done to soon.
I am throwing my local oncologist to the curb after his repeated dis concerning attitude about several things during this nightmare, But the one that broke the camels back was when I ask him on Oct 2nd (biopsy oct.8th) if I should keep my October 21st appointment to get my biopsy results he threw his hand up and said, " I tell you what;If you haven't heard from me in 2 weeks after your biopsy you just assume you are in remission." Well I lost it. I yelled (IN his face no dought) "NO!!! You are not going to do that to me after everything I have been through!" " I want to hear it out of your face!" "Somebody is going to tell me I AM or I am NOT in remission". "I am not going to assume anything!" He backed out of the room and sent his nurse in to talk to me. She agreed with me 100%.
I am normally a quiet laid back kind of person but not that day.
Oh yea and He hasn't called me yet about my results. My GP pulled it up yesterday during my physical and printed it out for me. I am waiting on the specialist in Nashville to call me with an appointment.

Needless to say I am a bit upset.