As I know how much you like the photos in the forum and I also love tp see its gardens, its flowers some of which I do not know, the birds that do not live in my country etc, and while returning star lover, I would like to show some customs Spanish where art is amazing and also is ephemeral art because it hardly lasts a day. Most of these celebrations are related to religion, but usually all the people participate. Today I want to show some of the carpets of sawdust "serrin" dyed from the village "Elche de la Sierra" in the province of Albacete. The day of Corpus Christi is celebrated and the neighbors begin at 4 or 5 in the morningt so that in the morning it is all over, then people visit it and in the afternoon the religious procession is celebrated and those carpets disappear trodden by people and only the memori and the photos remain. Some other villages make carpets of flowers and I will show them too. Hope you likeClick image for larger version. 

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