Good Morning, Everyone ~ Monique or someone probably will be posting at the same time.

Well, we finally got the sprinkler system blown out yest. Our appt. was for 4:30, but he didn't get here until 6:15. It was almost dark by the time he finished, I was very late for guild mtg. If it weren't for having to turn in the mini quilts for the quilt show, I probably would have stayed home. We had our annual "schoolhouse" program, which involves dividing into groups & attending mini lectures, rotating through each class every 20 min. One was on fusibles, one was on needles & thread, & one was on the Block Lock rulers. Handy tools, but pretty pricey.

Today is our transition day for the weather. It's supposed to be close to 80 deg., but it will be changing to rain/snow around midnight, with 1-3" of snow tomorrow. And much colder temps.