Monique - are you sleeping in? Lucky you. I could have posted at 3am. After tossing and turning, I finally got up at 6am and decided to sew until the sun got up.

It's another beautiful day, sunny and crisp. Yesterday we went downtown, opted not to take the new light rail system. It's only Day 3, and there were issues again. A car wouldn't budge with a door issue and after an hour, they went to a single rail. People have been over an hour late Monday & Tuesday. We might try it off hours, just to get a ride. It's apparently quite pleasant if you don't have to be anywhere on time.

Today, I have lots on my plate. Hoping to start clipping perennials and shrubs, but hints are still flowering. My son is coming for lunch. I will visit mom this aft. I had a call from the nurse. A volunteer was pushing her back to her room and mom's hand got caught in wheelchair. Person didn't stop even when mom was telling her to stop.

Beth - I hope your cat continues to improve.

Have an enjoyable day.