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Thread: Happy Saturday!

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    Default Happy Saturday!

    Good Morning All,

    Mike's left for work and I was kind of looking forward to a morning of quiet. Jim called around 7:30, he's bringing the kids and is going to stain the quilt ladders. I took the pictures down from the outer wall. Moved the chair my great aunt Viola made and now I have to figure out where to put my jewelry box. I guess it's going into the closet. That's the only other space left.

    After that, I'll start emptying the veggies out of the refrigerator freezer and putting them into the big freezer. The water jugs that I filled for hurricane prep can come out to make more room for the veggies.

    I was hoping to sandwich the baby quilt that I haven't touched in a week. I guess I'll see how I feel after all of that work.

    Mike and I put the casters on the entertainment cabinet. It's nice to be able to pull it out to sweep and I'll be able to pull it over to the stove if I need the extra counter place.

    Have a wonderful day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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    Default Re: Happy Saturday!

    Good Morning All....Jeff went to work at the apartments without me today because I was sick yesterday and last night. Also, Dottie is doing poorly and I need to make things easy on her right now.

    Fall has definitely arrived and things have cooled off immensely. It will soon be time for long pants, flannels and sweats.....yay!!

    I would love to spend today in the sewing room but I have a few chores that must get done.

    Have a great day everyone....hugs.....

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    Default Re: Happy Saturday!

    Good morning! Where is everyone today? I hope you are all off having fun.

    I finished the first baby quilt top yesterday and started another. I guess I will work on that while my DH sleeps. He worked from 7am to 9:30pm yesterday so he is a tired guy. Nothing else to report so I'm outta here. Have a wonderful Saturday!


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