OCTOBER? Wow, it's fall and I didn't even notice LOL. Well, it's still more or less hot here in Kansas - temps in the upper 80s or low 90s in the day and not even dipping past about 55 or 60 at night. But the days are getting shorter and shorter. My sister calls it "wear a sweater in the morning and regret it by lunch" weather. LOL

I have been working on a replacement block for Aunt Lottie's Garden this week now that the insanity of the quilt show is over. When my sister and I laid it out, one of the early pink blocks has so much foliage in the print that it doesn't really "go with" the other blocks in the set. That's OK, I'll use it as a label. I'm much happier with the new block. I have the EPP ready to add the last two prepped pieces, then it's on to applique for that one this weekend.

Hope everyone else is looking forward to a new month.