I purchased a Babylock Jane and I really do like it. I teach quilting classes and really put a machine through the paces. I have sewn on Babylock machines for the last 15 years. My Ellegante 2 had 26,000,000 stitches on it when I opted to trade for a Crescendo which I adore. Maybe no one else does this but I noticed since I started piecing on my Jane that I was sewing slower on my Crescendo. I think subconsciously I was trying to go easy on my Crescendo which has certainly not gone anywhere. I piece a lot and this Jane really zooms over thick seams as if it doesn't even know the seam is there. I am certainly not a spring chicken but qualify more in the old crow category and being from the south I don't do anything very fast. However since I started piecing on my Jane I think my piecing is at least 50% faster and very accurate. Now I know why Jenny loves her Jane. I love mine, too.