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    Default Good Morning, Friday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I'm running late this a.m. & don't have much time. DH is waiting for his breakfast.

    Well, I got 'er done! After DH went to bed yest. I toted all the chairs, etc. into the LR to clear the way to mop & wax the kitchen floor. Bear in mind, our vinyl flooring is the original, which is 47 y.o.! I use Shinekeeper floor wax. It puts on the best shine. My sponge mop never squeezes out enough water, so I do the floor (both mopping & waxing) on my hands & knees with a rag -- hard on the knees! I kneel on a thick, folded up towel to help cushion my knees. After mopping, I spent a few min. with e-m. Then while the wax was drying, I hit the recliner & read. I had everything put back by 8:30 & ate a late supper. So glad that job is done! I have some last min. vac.'g to do as well as dusting. I got part of the LR dusted yest., but not all. A last min. spruce to the bathrooms.

    I'm not sure how much I'll be here over the next 4 days. My computer is in the guest BR. Plus we'll be busy with projects. My son always does things for us when he's here -- things DH no longer physically is able to do. E.g., move out the frig. & clean under it, vac. the dryer vent pipe, check the roof, gutters, etc.

    I hope everyone has a good week end.

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    Default Re: Good Morning, Friday! :)

    Have fun Joy! You deserve it after all of your cleaning!

    I pulled the bag of fabrics I bought to make the little squares from the Tula Pink Book. I'm debating on getting it out and plotting, or just cleaning a bit this morning. I know what will probably win, and it won't be the cleaning!

    Mike said he didn't really want to go to Quiltfest. I can't say I want to mill around without the extra set of eyes. It does get crowded and folks don't realize I can't see them until they're right up on me. If my head is turned even slightly, I won't see them at all. I'll miss the inspiration.

    Esther's birthday party will be tomorrow. No hurricane's to worry about this weekend. Jim and Morgan are on a massive clean up before the party goers show up. He called last night after 9 to ask if I wanted their old electric tea pot. I told him not really, I don't have room for it. I'll just heat water on the stove or in the microwave.

    Time to get busy, the kitchen is cleaned up. The kids room needs another round of putting things back where they belong. There's a baby doll with a pillow and blanket under the chair and the sofa quilt and pillow under the sofa. Yesterday, I got a trash bag and put all the stuff they just threw back into the room when their Dad told them to clean up the night before. I went through the drawers and pulled out stuff that they'd broken parts and got them ready to throw away, too. Grandma is getting tired of the constant mess in there. Sooner or later, they'll figure out that stuff is disappearing. If nothing is left, it will be easier to move those cabinets! lol

    Have a great weekend everyone. Say a prayer for me, I have a 5 year old's birthday party to attend tomorrow. Oh boy!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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    Default Re: Good Morning, Friday! :)

    Good morning Joy and all to follow. Boy you were a busy bee last night. That kneeling on the floor sure does take a toll on our knees doesn't it. I am happy that when we redid our kitchen, the old linoleum went bye bye so I don't need to do that anymore. Have you thought about using one of those kneeler pads used for working in the garden? It might give more of a cushion.

    We have been busy every morning this week getting a different part of our yard cleaned up and ready for fall and next spring. The weather has been perfect for it. We will finish up laying some mulch around our raised vegetable beds in a little while and then we will be done in the yard for today. I love seeing things all neat and tidy and showing off the beautiful colors of the mum's and Montauk daisies which are all getting ready to bless us with their beautiful flowers.

    And I am so excited about tonight. My sis and I will be going to see the Downton Abbey movie!

    Ok, break time is over. Have a wonderful visit with your son, Joy. Have a fabulous Friday everyone.
    Ginny B


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    Default Re: Good Morning, Friday! :)

    Good Morning Joy and everyone =)
    I miss seeing floors with the wax shine and care. No mop yet compares to doing it by hand.
    Autumn is here with lovely comfortable temps. What a joy to go outside and not be overwhelmed with heat.
    There is a big fabric sale tomorrow morning at 8am of donated fabrics so hopefully I will get over to check that out. Not that I need more fabric but you never know what you can find . Last year someone had donated some really nice quilt blocks, as well as some Christmas fabrics.
    My husband has been counting down to the Downtown Abbey movie as well. We will see it tonight.
    The weekend promises to be nice. Have a great one.
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    Default Re: Good Morning, Friday! :)

    Good morning. It will be sunny and pleasant here today. The dogs like to sit on the deck and soak up the sun. I hav3 to take the puppy to the vet for her second check up. She has gotten bigger.
    I received a beautiful thank you card from my DH’ s secretary. She was really happy with the quilt and she included a Starbucks gift card. I am glad the quilt will be used and loved.

    Have a good day!

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    Default Re: Good Morning, Friday! :)

    Good morning all,
    Another gorgeous day - taking it all in while it lasts.

    Yesterday was busy - in the morning, I sewed the edges of 20 tea towels that I cut & serged Wednesday evening. I still have 10 to sew the sides. Then to cut the border fabrics to add. I have some wine bottle fabrics that go perfect with the rust/brown waffle weave. I am motivated to get sewing done for xmas show in mid-November. After lunch, I attended the monthly birthdays with mom. There was a duo brothers playing music, alternating with a French and English song. I was glad that I knew some of the songs. As I looked around it made me realize that a large. Umber of residents would not be there in a few years. Mom looked good, but her age is showing. Then I went to my daughter to help with 3 GKs. What a handful, I made dinner which was usually their fsvorite, but they are picky eaters. If one says he doesn't like it (without trying) they all declare they don't want that. After their bath, I headed for home.

    RANT - This morning I woke up late, feeling crappy. My GF sent me a text saying her doc confirmed she has the flu. She has been sick since last Sunday and I kept saying those were symptoms. Well she felt a bit better on Wednesday and showed up for a visit. I was mad she did. I stay away from all who are sick as I am around elderly, DH included and the young, who are vulnerable. She has never had the flu, well I have had the flu and it takes me awhile to get over it, especially since I get bronchitis and pneumonia. Note to people who are sick. Stay home and get better.

    I had planned to go to a friend's mom funeral this morning, but I'm going to skip it, in case it's not just morning grogginess and I'm sick. DD sent me a text saying the GKs I babysat are sick. Great. Just peachy!!

    The yard is looking good, fall flowers are beautiful. My clematis have gone into overdrive. DH just picked up more cat food and new toys for the boys who were 8yrs old yesterday. He also brought me carrot cake, which he can't eat.

    Barb - enjoy lap time with Dottie. She is precious.
    NavyWife & others in Texas flooding areas, be careful. Stay safe.
    Joy - wow that is hard work. I know the cleaning lady I have, has knee pads and then about 6 layers of soft fabrics to protect her knees.
    I haven't had a ring burner stove in over 20 years. I have had glass tops, now a KitchenAid, and I have no issues cooking large pots of food, pickling or any food prep. The only caution is to ensure you are careful with foods with sugar splatters. Get them off asap, otherwise they can pit the colour of top. It does come off with products.

    Enjoy your day - it may be a rest and sew day.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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    Default Re: Good Morning, Friday! :)

    Good morning! We are going to head to the park this afternoon to play with friends. There is a breeze blowing so that should make it better as it is suppose to get 84 degrees today. Currently it is 82 and feels like 87 degrees. With all of the hot temperatures that we have been having, I really do hope that we have a fall and don't go straight into winter. I remember a couple years ago, it was like we literally had two days of spring and it went straight into summer.

    I updated my packing list a little and am working on figuring out which projects to take to the Fall Forum quilt retreat. I have a couple of projects to finish up somewhere along the way.

    Not sure the plans for this weekend. On Saturday is the National Free Smithsonian Day which many museums across the United States participate in. So you can get into the local museums for free. There is also a couple of auctions that we are wanting to go to.

    Have a great Friday everyone

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