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    Default Re: Monday Morning Greetings! :)

    Quote Originally Posted by K. McEuen View Post
    Our weather went from hot, hot summer to almost late fall feeling pretty much overnight. My hibernation mode wants to kick in, so I hear you on the naps.

    Good luck to your brother. If he likes grapes, tell him to put some in the freezer and when he has a craving to get one out and suck on it. It should help relieve some of the oral stimulation that he is missing from smoking and grapes are good for you.
    Thanks. He actually just bought some green grapes.
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    Default Re: Monday Morning Greetings! :)

    Sniff, sniff.. it rose and looked so pretty. Then it boiled over and made a mess... but it didn't stick to the pan!

    Dang it, what am I doing wrong???? Dumping what's left of the flour. I don't remember what brand I bought but I'll be looking for Red Band, or Pillsbury. Dumping what's left of the baking powder (it's out of date in Jan. anyway). Buying old fashioned Crisco, and real name brand butter. I won't try another until close to Christmas.

    The kids were thrilled, two little pieces of cake. They tried both and actually said the first one was best. They're wrong! lol but they tried to make me feel better about it.

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