Good morning my friends. YES we survived Hurricane Dorian here in PEI. We moved to a cabin the day before. I don't think the people here thought it was going to be so bad. Welcurrentlyl it was and we were in the eye of the hurricane. I don't remember being this scared. I prayed hard that night to both of our parents to keep us safe. We were 4 couples there. Trees down all around us and between the cabins but we all were okay.

We are currently 2 couples in the whole campground. Our new friends leave tomorrow. She is a quilter if you can believe that, LOL!!

We are on day 6 without power and running water no shower and toilets but we are still having a good time. I know we will get some kind of refund for sure.

We came to another campground this morning for showers and I am doing the laundry as well. They also let me use the wifi.

All in all we are fairing pretty well. I miss you all. Take care.

Thanks for thinking of us.