Good Morning, Everyone ~ A bit chilly this a.m. Only 55 deg., our coolest morning yet. We had a thunderstorm again yest. late afternoon with pea sized hail. Glad that didn't last long. One area in Neb. got 2" diam. hail with extensive damage. Tomorrow a.m. may even dip into the 40's. A touch of Fall, for sure. But then it's supposed to be up close to 90 on the week end. I'm going to take advantage of this cooler day to bake DH's spelt bread.

I did more sorting yest. Got rid of old orders/receipts from internet orders for the past few yrs. I reorganized some shelves in the basement to make room for books. Did more dusting. If I keep at it, I'll get most of what I want to do done in the next week. DS#1 comes on the 20th. I'm feeling the time crunch. I want to take advantage of the cooler day to spread winterizer fertilizer on the lawn. I like to get it down so there are 2-3 weeks to water it in before the sprinkler system needs to be blown out. Depending on the weather, we usually have that done during the first week or two of Oct. Fall is coming up fast.