It's going to be another beautiful sunny day, temps in the low 70s. I could live with this kind of weather all year. No humidity. This is the first time this summer that I have enjoyed summer. I would seriously love to be able to live here in the summers. So peaceful, relaxing, picturesque - like stepping back in time. There are no fast foods, no McD, no Starbucks except for coffee pods in our room, no major chains of stores, just all local. I love it. So much more personal. St-Andrews borders Calais, ME.

Yesterday we explored the Main Street shops which border the Bay of Fundy. I picked up a handmade porcelaine and a ceramic mug, small size. I've started buying some xmas gifts. DH bought an Irish wool patch cap and a few t-shirts. They have planned well, the streets are lined with benches to rest, or for DHs to wait for their wives. No quilt store.

Today we will visit Kingsbrae Garden and explore the shore. There is a new aquarium here which we will visit tomorrow, as They are forecasting light rain.

I see quilt patterns everywhere, the carpets, the wallpaper, the light fixtures. I will post pictures later. There is also a retreat center for artists. I may check it out and see if quilters would be welcome.

Enjoy your day.