I sympathize with you for the refi paperwork. I spent two weeks doing paperwork to get the new house financed and then called and told her to stop the loan...That was a relief. I did not want to have payments on anything.
Now, about that second summer home. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that having two houses means two houses to clean and keep up. The inspector told me that only 10 per cent of the people keep a home in repair rather fixing them minorly when they are ready to sell. This is why they deteriorate. My mind still thinks 1994 is fairly new so I wasn't expecting a house that "new" to need any thing. WRONG. I guess I thought since my house is 50 years old and in good condition, something 20 years newer would be a breeze. Apparently when a house isn't being lived in, lots of weird things happen to them.
I'd find a place to rent and let someone else worry.