As I posted a while back, DH got it in his mind that we should retire to a coastal waterfront property. We have been to Pamlico County NC three times in 5 weeks. We have made an offer on a beautiful property and making all the plans like inspections, appraisals, loans....anyway...we wanted (me, my idea) to go there during the hurricane preparations to see what would need to be done. We went...we watched...and then we went to the property after the fact. The house had been shuttered up and everything put inside. This is ten feet off the elevator. The owner had disassembled the well pump, the pressure tank and put it in the laundry room, shutters on the front windows facing the house, all the benches from the dock unbolted and moved up the stairs to the screened in porch, all the outdoor furniture and swings moved into the living room, the small storage shed windows removed and put upstairs, all the boat supply (yup, in the house)
I told DH I didn't know how we would be able to do this every time there was a threat . Oh yes...this means no water, no electricity until storm is over. This was suppose to be a move that will make my life easier if anything happens to him...uhhuh….
So, on the way home he gets to thinking and says maybe we won' this is a roller coaster. I'm pretty much done. I always said I would follow him anywhere, but …. maybe not.... I'm pretty happy here in my mountain home.