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    Default Friday Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I see the chat, but don't see a daily thread, so I'll get started. I just was doing some sleuthing on the web re: the hurricane outlook for Atlantic Canada. That's in Suzanne's post.

    We have clouds this a.m. & mid-60's. Today's temp. is forecast to be in the mid-80's. I sure hope they're right. Yest. our therm. hit 103! Extremely hot for this time of year. Another record breaker.

    Yest. a.m. I decided to defrost the freezer -- one of my least favorite jobs. I do it every 6 mos. I unloaded all the food into boxes & set the pans of hot water on the shelves before I ate breakfast. Another round of hot water an hour later. The last ice on the top coils comes off only with the aid of my hair dryer & some gentle tapping with a rubber spatula. The whole job took almost 2.5 hrs., but I'm glad it's done. I soaked up 6 bath towels of water & ice in the bottom of the freezer. (No drain.) Then I did a load of wash.

    I did some straightening of fabric & hung up 3 finished quilt tops. I had 2 armloads of extra bedding which I carried from the couch to the bsmt. I may have to donate some of it. I don't have closet space for all of it. I really need to do some sorting & ridding of items to give away.

    This a.m. is my annual physical. My weight has been stable. Just wondering what my A1C will be. After that, I have several errands to run.

    Two wks. from today DS#1 comes for a visit, so I need to get crackin' on the extra house cleaning I want to get done before he comes.

    Judy ~ Glad to hear Jacksonville was spared from Dorian. I hope everyone has a good week end.

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    Default Re: Friday Hellos! :)

    Good morning Joy and all to follow. Late start here today because of being kept awake from about 4:30 until around 6 with a barking dog. Not sure which neighbors it was. I went back to sleep until 8:30. I really wanted an early start to my day to work on finishing up some things for the Sunday craft fair. So much for that plan.

    Today is the first day in a long time that I am wearing jeans. No shorts today. It's grey and chilly this morning. Rain expected later.

    I hope Monique is in a place where she can get some shelter. Hopefully they are aware that the storm is heading in their direction.

    Time to try to catch up on lost time. Can we ever do that? I don't think so.

    Have a good day all. Be safe all those dealing with Dorian.
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    Default Re: Friday Hellos! :)

    Good morning Joy and others who follow,

    I just posted again in my GO, No Go post trip to Atlantic Canada. We will make decision by suppertime. I do wish I would hear rom Monique, as she is on-site of our day 2. If she has cell phone on, she would get alerts directly. Also communication about storm is widespread. We have great emergency preparedness training for all types of disasters.

    I've been clearing the fridge of perishables so it's looking pretty bare and we may have to order in tonight. It was loads of laundry and visited mom yesterday. Mom has been watching Dorian and is concerned so if we do end up going I would have to call regularly. I finished binding on a VQC quilt while I was watching the workers at my GF's place who were replacing her windows.

    My sewing rooms are all cleaned up - ready for my return. I got email about another retreat nearby Mon-Thurs sept 30-Oct 3. I've been before and it would lovely in the Fall. Checking with partner in quilting crime to see if she's up for another retreat. We are booked at another one in October. I think I would go even if she doesn't, as I would know other ladies from our guild. I am liking these getaways.

    Going to start packing in the event we do go. I travelled a lot when I worked and always packed for emergencies - flashlights.

    Enjoy your day. I might have to go mess up my sewing room, just a bit.
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    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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    Default Re: Friday Hellos! :)

    Good afternoon,

    I made a few calls this morning. The church is collecting tarps, diapers, etc. for the Bahamas. I called one of the gentlemen that's 'in charge' of the collections thought it was a great idea. He referred me to the pastor, who hasn't returned my call. Mike and I went to the storage building and rearranged stuff. The canopies we used for Boy Scouts, poles, bungies are all ready to take to church. I called the secretary and tried to explain what I had, and she said noooooooooooooooo. Jim met us at the shed and helped get things organized so if they say yessssssssss it will be ready to get into the truck and go. One canopy has sides all the way around, great shelter if it starts to rain. I just shake my head, it would be useful. Anyway, Howard's big grill is available if they need it, too.

    Mike's off until next Wed. so I should do some errands, find border fabric for Morgan's quilt. I'm just not in the mood.

    Mike swept the driveway this morning. The neighbors tree drops these hard berry like things. Melinda says they're kind of like a cherry. I have no idea. They're annoying to walk on.

    Time to get busy again. The birds would probably be happy if I put the feeders back up. I know the squirrels will be!

    Monique and Suzanne, be safe as Dorian is still being testy. I'll call my uncle later today to see how he's weathered the storm.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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