We are having a real dilemma, to continue with our plans to travel to Atlantic Canada this weekend.

While we wait for dinner to be ready, I cracked open a bottle of red wine. We have planned this trip for so long, and looking forward to going back, but we don't want to put ourselves at risk. There are strong winds and heavy rain along all the drive to NB and PEI. They are predicting power outages. I don't think think we would enjoy it. Last time we went there was rain, but not 100mm of rain.

We will call our neighbours, who we planned the first half of our trip with. They were then going to NS, but it will hit there worst. Connie just got a call that her dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so she wants to go as soon as possible. I think we are thinking of cancelling.

I sent a text to Monique last week, but no response. She has my cell # and we were going to make contact and possibly meet at a quilt show next Tuesday. I hope she is taking cover as there is heavy rain and strong winds predicted.

I see that Dorian is battering North Carolina and heading up the coast. What to do?