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    I will start us off this morning. I feel like someone else is writing at the same time.

    Yesterday I shopped at WalMart after I dropped Sugar off to be groomed. When I got home I noticed that my wallet was gone...PANIC!!!! I went to my phone to call WM and noticed they had already called me. My wallet was found in a shopping cart in the parking lot by a sweet elderly couple who returned it to the Service Desk. What are the chances of that happening?? I'm so grateful not to have to go through the mess of replacing everything that I carry in my wallet, not to mention $$. The Lord really handled that well....I'm so thankful.

    A few weeks ago my BIL's house caught fire and exploded and six firefighters were injured. The investigation shows it to have been a case of Arson. Not sure where this will go from here but I hope and pray that whoever did this will be apprehended and prosecuted.

    Monique, I hope you and Les are having a fantastic vacation!

    I'm off to get my day started. Everyone in the path of Dorian, many prayers are going up for you. Please check in if you are able.

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    Default Re: HELLO THURSDAY!

    Hi, Barb ~ You're right! We both were writing at the same time.

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    Default Re: HELLO THURSDAY!

    Good morning everyone,
    Today will be a busy day getting caught up on cleaning, cooking and laundry because I'm taking a road trip tomorrow to get my Bernina serviced and upgraded. The shop is about 2 hours away, but the weather is great this time of year to travel. I'm so excited to have my big baby done and ready to go for the winter.
    Today is also the day that the dryer gets it's new motor and the contractor will be here to measure for new windows for the porch. My hubby decided on the spur of the moment that the windows needed to be replaced this year after we've just spent over 7000.00 on a major house renovation. Oh, and I'm getting estimates for replacement gutters on the house. Boy it's been another expensive year, but this winter will be warmer and dryer.
    The sun is finally beginning to shine through the fog and I can see all the dust bunnies on the floor, so time to get going.
    Everyone have a wonderful day!

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    Default Re: HELLO THURSDAY!

    Good Morning All,

    Glad you had your wallet returned. That would be so scary! Thank goodness for good people in this old world.

    Someone in Jax went to Costco yesterday and bought 100 generators to send to the Bahamas. How wonderful that in their time of need someone stepped up and gave so generously. The cruise lines are accepting donations and will transport items to the islands and distribute.

    I've got to walk around the house today, I doubt there will be any issues. Carl came over last night and fixed his side of the fence that was loose. Howard's canoe was propped against it, so it wasn't going to go anywhere. He just didn't want his dogs to get loose in my yard.

    I think the biggest scare was when something hit the sliding glass door. It made both of us jump. A young smaller dove thought he'd fly in to be dry. It didn't work to well for him. He flew up to the guttering and sat there for a long time. One of the mature doves sat near by for a while. They finally flew off, I hope he just knocked himself silly.

    Mike is at work this morning. He'll be there until?? I haven't heard, so I guess everything was alright. That Office Max is closer to the beach. This afternoon, I think I'll have him take me down there, so I can see what happened down there.

    Those in GA, SC, and NC let us know how you've weathered Dorian. Looks like he's going closer to shore than he did here.

    Have a great day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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    Default Re: HELLO THURSDAY!

    Well, part of my journey to a new house all on one level has been completed. Settlement on, what was my house, was completed this morning. I am so glad that portion of it is over. Although, it was very difficult to move from the house I lived in for over 32 years (over 30 with my husband), it is a step I needed to take. I have spent the past few weeks packing things up and getting ready to move out. The movers came in and moved most of the house out and into storage Aug. 29, an auction guy came the next day and took a lot more stuff, all the while filling big black trash bags full of donation items and even more big black trash bags full of things to throw out. I could not believe how much "stuff" my husband had stored in the basement!!!!! So, now I am staying with my daughter and son-in-law until my new house is ready in early December. They even set up a sewing room for me upstairs.

    I am so tired and exhausted that I plan on not doing much of anything the rest of today or tomorrow except rest, read and even veg out in front of the TV!!

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    Default Re: HELLO THURSDAY!

    Good afternoon,
    I was tempted to start thread this morning, but had to dash out the door early (for me). My GF is having her windows replaced. They didn't finish yesterday and she had to go to work today. So I went over, brought a VQC quilt I was binding and finished it. Dorothy will pick it up this aft to bring to Sept meeting. I'm also going to give her more tops donated, ready to quilt.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Barb - how lucky to have recovered your wallet. There are still good people in the world. I hope they catch the arsonists. That can't be fun to deal with, on top of other issues for your BIL.
    Katrina - looks like you're safe from Dorian. Others may not be for now. So devastating to see videos of the Bahamas. How kind about the farmer. It made the news here.

    Need to visit my mom later this aft and start packing. Doing laundry. I've been watching the weather and it's pretty cool in PEI.

    Enjoy your day.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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