Good Morning, Everyone ~ With my luck, Monique will be posting at the same time. lol I hope you have a wonderful trip to PEI.

Today will be bread making day; it's time for DH's spelt bread. I also need to change the bedding & do laundry.

Yest. I went back to the mattress store for the 3rd time & placed my order. By waiting, I was able to take advantage of their Labor Day sale & save the cost of delivery & set-up, which was $50. Also saved on the price of mattress protectors, buy one, get one at 1/2 off. So that big decision is made. They will be delivered next Wed. a.m.

I spent an hour in the dental chair (a filling), & ran several errands. I picked up Chick-fil-A on the way home for a late lunch. My lip was mostly numb until almost 5 p.m. DH had a better night sleep last night; his mouth is not quite so sore now. He still has a fat lip where he bit himself while he still was numbed up.

First thing yest. a.m. the power co. came to work on the issue on our street. They dug a hole next to the neighbor's pedestal lamp & laid more protective cable; they will return Tues. a.m. to do a permanent fix. We lost power for
~30 min. while they worked. Had to re-set all the clocks...again!

I'm following the hurricane news; unless there is a last min. turn, it looks to hit FL with heavy damage.