Good Morning All,

I think time is getting away from me. I went to my bank account last night to pay a bill, and my balance was more than I thought it should be. Then Mike says, tomorrow is the 25th. Well duh, I got paid. I felt sort of dumb, I looked at the calendar wrong. I was thinking I got paid on Wednesday. Oh well, it comes in, it goes out. The economy is kept running.

Vandals hit two substations last night in a neighboring county. Over 6000 people without power. Now that's just mean! As hot as it's been! I hope it wakes up the power companies to increase their security! I just don't understand why people can do things that could hurt so many.

I worked on Ben's quilt yesterday. 18 blocks to finish quilting, then binding, and off in the mail. He's doing so well. His family went to the zoo yesterday.

Monday starts home school and family dinners on Mondays again. I have chicken out to make chicken pot pie for dinner tomorrow. I'll cook the chicken today. Mike's off today and tomorrow, so I'll have wheels to get errands done. I'm not sure if Zeke will come tomorrow. I think Morgan's off until Wednesday, so it's a maybe?

Have a great Sunday!