Good day,
It's a beautiful sunny, crisp morning. I love this weather, with no humidity - I could enjoy this year round. I was up early and gave PJ a tummy rub. He sensed I was awake and took advantage of that. DH is up and getting ready to leave for gliding lessons. I am planning to go to a house content sale. I'm going to look at bicycle, sewing machines and shelves. I don't really need more machines, but the bike is a good one. If I don't keep for myself, my daughter has been looking for one.

Productive and busy day yesterday with my GF for VictorIa quilts - trimming quilts and prepping binding, cutting kits for the next few meetings and just having a blast in my sewing rooms.

Katrina - read your bad experience with JTC. I had to bring mom for follow up at hospital following hip surgery. We were first to be picked up in east end, then it picked up 3 people in east & south end. Since she was in wheelchair, she was secured in back, taking the brings of all the potholes. She started getting nauseous, finally it reached destination after an hour and a half. Return trip, only passenger, 15 minute ride home. I hope to never need this again.

Enjoy your weekend.