Happy TGIF.
I was on earlier but had to get showered and ready by 9am. Lord knows I don't do mornings well, unless it's to go to a quilt store or quilt with a friend. Dorothy & I were going to pick up 8 quilts from LAQ. One was Dorothy's, the others were for Victoria Quilts. This lovely LA does some every month for us at no charge. It also gives her practice quilts as she is new to her Gammill. So then we came back to my house. I trimmed the quilts, and Dorothy cut 3 kits for the next few month's meetings. I also sewed binsing for 2 quilts. Then we paired up fabrics to make other kits. I will sew the binding & labels on 2 quilts this week and return these when we meet next week. There will be a backing and batting bee next week.

Yesterday I finished piecing the kindred pinwheels quilt top. I have cut 1st border. Tomorrow, I will add the 2 borders and the top will be ready to finish. I think I may rent the LA for this one. It's almost kingsize.

Not much planned for the weekend except I am going to a house content sale, and there are several sewing machines, bicycle and shelves that interest me. You have to go at 8am to get an entry ticket & the sale starts at 9am. I haven't been lucky on getting in early, but DH will be gone early, so I will be up.

The weather is cooler but sunny. This is my kind of weather. Have a good weekend.