Good morning friends. Yes Friday has arrived. It was a beautiful day yesterday with lower temperatures. I was able to get out and get a few groceries. I stopped off at the Nearly New shop at the church and lo and behold if they didn't have a bathroom fixture. I checked it out, it was brand new, two lights but no glass shades. $3 was all they were asking, so I jumped on it and bought it, along with two bathrobes and a long sleeved top!! Score!! I was so proud of my purchase. So after getting and putting away stuff I decided to install it. Got a little advice from my brother and set about. It took me a little longer that it probably should but ALAS it was installed and working. I found some spare shades that I have been hording for just such an occasion. My light looks good if I do say so myself.

Well the men folk have gone fishing, literally, LOL!! So I have been left to my devices. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. I am not insured on the Greg's rental so I won't be traveling anywhere and that's okay too. I really need to stay home and get some things done.

My lovely neighbour came over and cut my hair for me. And what a lovely woman she is. She did a great job trimming. Then she came up to my sewing room and I gave her a show and tell of the projects I have made for my SS swap. There were a couple of patterns she wanted but she was most impressed with the snap bags that use the measuring tape. Now I have some ideas for gifts to make for her. And she really liked my pressing board that I made myself.

And so today the dirtiest kitchen floor will get washed and some vacuuming done as well. I will also start packing for our trip. I am down to 2 gifts left to make for the swap. I will try and get those done this weekend as well.

And so my friends, that is what my weekend is looking like. I wish you all a great day.

Thoughts and prayers going out to those who need them, May especially, on the loss of her son.