I finished a pretty yellow polka dot valence over the weekend, and then I realized that a bed skirt out of the same fabric would be adorable. When I told my husband this idea, he showed great wisdom and said, "You better get back to the fabric store right now." What a wonderful husband he is! Back I went, and they had exactly the right amount of fabric left on the bolt. Whew!

I am now almost really retired. My retirement date was June 30, but I needed to finish up the financial reports from the fiscal year. This is a joint effort between me and the company bookkeeper, and unfortunately we hadn't taken any checkpoints together during the year. Figuring out why her categories didn't match mine was a major, major effort. But we did it, and I finished my final report last week! This—oh happy day—was why I could just jump in the car and head back to the fabric store!

I'm looking forward to starting that bed skirt today!