Good morning friends. It is a tad chilly sitting here this morning, my feet are cold. It was a hot day yesterday but windy so I decided to do a load and hang it outside. It dried nicely.

In puttered around in the sewing room. I had picked up a tablecloth with cloth napkins that was being given away. They were washed a while ago and sitting in a laundry basket, so I decided to cut them up into usable squares. Then I got caught up with cutting scraps.

I was also organizing my projects for the SS swap. I have all but one nailed down. I am not sure if those will get started today or not or if I will wait until the menfolk are away.

The van is going into the shop today for a repair so I won't be going anywhere today.

Getting excited for our upcoming trip to PEI. I will also start packing stuff while hubby is away in the next couple of days. Our campsite is booked.

Well that's it for today. Have a wonderful day no matter what you do today.