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Thread: It's Tuesday

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    I finished a pretty yellow polka dot valence over the weekend, and then I realized that a bed skirt out of the same fabric would be adorable. When I told my husband this idea, he showed great wisdom and said, "You better get back to the fabric store right now." What a wonderful husband he is! Back I went, and they had exactly the right amount of fabric left on the bolt. Whew!

    I am now almost really retired. My retirement date was June 30, but I needed to finish up the financial reports from the fiscal year. This is a joint effort between me and the company bookkeeper, and unfortunately we hadn't taken any checkpoints together during the year. Figuring out why her categories didn't match mine was a major, major effort. But we did it, and I finished my final report last week! This—oh happy day—was why I could just jump in the car and head back to the fabric store!

    I'm looking forward to starting that bed skirt today!
    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?

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    Suzanne ~ We do not have A/C, but we have the evaporative cooler -- commonly known as a swamp cooler -- which keeps the house quite comfortable. In fact, sometimes it actually feels too cool for me & I have to put on a sweater. I usually cover my legs with a fleece throw when I sit in the recliner. I posted pics a few years ago when we had the new unit installed. It is so much more efficient & more quiet than our old one was, which we'd had for >20 yrs.

    At one time we got an estimate of what it would cost for A/C. Our electric panel box is wired only for 110, not 220, so it would be costly to have a new panel put in, run wiring across our finished bsmt. to the utility room where the furnace is. Plus the cost of a new furnace with A/C. We could buy several new swamp coolers for the price of all that. Plus -- we like having the fresh air rather than having the house all closed up. Swamp coolers run on reg. current, so the cost of operation is much cheaper than A/C would be. With our thinner atmosphere (we're almost a mile high), the temps. heat up & cool down more quickly. In the a.m. it might be 60 deg., but the late p.m. temp. could be 100. Usually, at night, it cools off enough to run the unit on air only, without the water cooling. We also use several fans to circulate the cool air, push it down the hallway to the bedrooms, etc. It works for us.

    Swamp coolers work well in our dry climate. Sometimes the humidity is only 10-15%. It does add some moisture to the house interior, but that is acceptable.

    DH used to do all the maintenance of the swamp cooler -- start up in the spring, draining/disconnecting the water, closing it up for winter in the fall, but he's been unable to do that the past few years, so we hire it done. It really bothers him that he can't do the things he used to do, but we deal with life like it is & take things one day at a time. Aging definitely isn't for sissies.

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