Hello T …
I hope your grandfather is doing okay now. Hospitals are not fun places. Sorry to hear you are recovering from eating something not good for you. My son is ill tonight from having eaten some cooked turkey burgers I had frozen for him. I had to contact my husband to not eat the ones he has with him. I am ever so careful cooking , and I am left wondering if maybe the ground turkey was not good when I bought it ( ?) I do hope you feel better soon.
I had heard the UK banned GMO stuff . My husband is going to the UK next month. He's been looking forward to the better food there. I have never been there. I got as far as Canada and fell in love with the country and the people , and never left.
Glad I caught your post tonight. I am just putting quilting stuff away, as I finished a single reversible quilt I have been working on. I decided to take a break and have a tea before putting everything away. I find when I have tea , it is becoming a habit to look at the forums , and the MSQC website too.
Will keep you in good thoughts and hope you are feeling A one soon. Have a good night. =)