Good Morning, Everyone ~ I thought sure Monique would have started us off already this morning. Anyway, here goes. We're expecting record setting temps. today. Probably close to 100. We've had many "air quality alerts" lately for ozone. The skies are a bit hazy on those days.

I did take it easy yest. After church yest.. a.m., I made a stop at the $ store, Safeway for the sale ice cream, & went through the drive-through at Taco Bell for a couple tacos. I didn't feel like fixing lunch. In the afternoon I read -- finished my latest book. I was re-reading one of Lori Benton's books -- pre-revolutionary war days on the Ohio frontier -- a widowed mother in search of her son stolen by the Indians. I did more browsing for a new laptop. Still haven't found the right deal.

Today will be the usual Mon. laundry & more house cleaning.