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    Default Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I was one busy gal yest. with deep cleaning my BR & doing all that laundry of the bedding. I had the W/D going most of the day & did 7 loads. Whew! I didn't quite get finished cleaning my BR. I'll finish that today. I did some sorting as well. I chucked a stack of get well cards (from 2005!) when I had surgery into the recycle toter. I have so much stuff to sort through, esp. in my office. I know I need to keep at it & keep chipping away at the job. A couple weeks ago I did sort one filing cabinet drawer & purged a lot of my old nursing papers that I'll never need again.

    Today I have a massage scheduled for 10:15. Then I plan to visit another furniture store & get some groc. It's supposed to be very hot, close to 100, the next couple days.

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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good morning Joy and all who follow,
    That was one busy day for you, and on your anniversary. Congratulations and enjoy your massage today.

    I wasn't able to get on the forum yest morn, and had little time as we hit the road by 7am. We had a 3hr drive for our wine buying trip to our favorite winery. We did a wine tasting of their new wines and port. The setting is beautiful, in an 100+ year old barn, restored and looking over beautiful garden and vineyards. We picked up assortment of 2 doz. they had a chalkboard with some of their older vintages, which we still have, and they are fetching between $150-250. These were ones before the owner/winemaker passed away. He was a genuinely nice person and passionate about his wines. We have some wines/ports they no longer have which apparently are worth more. Unfortunately, we are not collectors of wine, we just enjoy them. It does make us more conscious of wines we have with burgers and ones which we will enjoy with steak or seafood. We then went to our other favorite winery to pick up some of their exclusive new wines, not available at liquor stores. It's another gorgeous setting in the vineyard overlooking the water.

    It was perfect day and you would think it couldn't get better. Well it did. DH suggested we stop at the LQS, where the owner is also retiring. I picked up quite a bit of beautiful fabrics. Prices are already less than in the big cities, and with added discount, excellent purchase. This week has been a week of FARTing. I have been to 5 quilt stores, 3 of which had fabrics priced at 35-50% off. How can I resist. I am weak, really weak. I have blown my budget for a few months, but I am happy.

    We didn't get the rain predicted for yesterday, but it's overcast and weather channel says it's coming. I'm going with 2 GFs this morning to a market across town. We're hoping they have the Vision corn. It's usually this time of year, but always in short supply. It is soooo good. Then I have to pick up my new glasses. They are already ready. YEAH!

    It's been a crazy week and I know I will need to slow down. My DS will come over to get something printed. I'm not too happy to see him. This week he ended up in ER with high fever, but also had pink eye in one eye. Now it has spread to other eye. He is off work until Monday, now maybe longer. He feels better but says he looks awful. I don't want to pick up is. Don't need it.

    Enjoy your day. Stay cool. Stay dry and above water. Be safe.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good Morning!

    Happy Honey Bee Day! Today there is a Honey Bee Festival down town at the fair grounds. Mike and I will go in our car, Jim and his will go in their van. Too bad we won't all fit in one vehicle! They'll go to the Taco Fest across from the library and Mike and I will go some where else to eat, we had Chipotle yesterday for lunch, not really in the mood for Mexican again today.

    I doubt I'll get anything done in the sewing room today. I finished up Bob and Mary's quilt. Dot should get it by Thursday of next week. She'll get it to them.

    Pepper, Jim's dog will be here tonight for our week visit. Jim and Morgan are going to a church music conference in Nashville. The kiddos will be with Nana and Nandy all week. I think I got the better deal! I don't have a bedroom for three little ones... on purpose!

    Joy, I feel for your heat! Today, with clouds and rain, they're calling for upper 70s around here. It's going to feel like fall! Not that it will last. Rain should be setting in for several days according to the weather man.

    Terry, I hope you'll find some peace in your sewing room. I know it brings me a sense of calm when I can cut off the outside distractions. From experience, moving is NO fun, but I wouldn't be anywhere else now. I love being closer to the grandkids.

    Time to decide on what Mike and I are going to do. I think we'll go to the Bee Festival earlier than Jim and Morgan, so we can enjoy some of the exhibits without little ones. Then we can get them to the best parts easier, since they'll be getting there closer to closing time. I'm looking forward to getting some local honey, maybe it will help with my allergies.

    Have a great day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good morning. It will be hot and steamy around here today. I have a few errands to run .Then I am gouge to tackle that quilt again. I am not a fan of the walking foot. My DD picked up her brother from NYC. He will be here for a week, and then he will head back to college. We call one of the rooms in our house — the transition room. Boxes and duffle bags are all over.
    Katrina— hope you enjoy the bee exhibit. We definitely need to keep the bees and butterflies around.

    Have a good day.

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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Hot and muggy here also. Susanne's post reminded me that our local Silver Queen white corn should be ready for picking now, it'a so sweet and delicious without any salt, pepper or butter. Think we'll take a ride over to the farm market for a few ears, DH doesn't like corn so there will be more for me to enjoy. Not much planned for the weekend so I'll be trying to get a good bunch of paper work gone through and discarded. It seems to multiply all by itself much like our fabric scraps do.
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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    happy Saturday,
    its been a nice day today,
    We made some gf bread and a fridge left overs topped pizza, highly recommended. have saved some for another meal.
    then came to sort the
    computer after the update installed it wants me to restart, said windows 10. April 2018 will cease to be updated supported in November 2019,
    the update, which needed a usb stick due to it needing 10 something of space t'install, has been down loaded, but am wondering what will happen at restart.
    the bad news is have discovered the stick put all computer files to make space on, no longer works, am hoping the previous backup will cover most, if only could find that then the printer refuses to work. some gremlin or other.
    There are days, where you just want to use items of a simple nature, highly designed so will work for 80 years where nothing can goes wrong, but dare not touch anything else today. just incase

    wow Jcy 7 loads that is a lot of fabric cleaning, we went through similar earlier this year. got right into recycling, and donating to charity shops.
    haha Suzanne you do make me giggle, a whole week of ogling fabric, am drooling here hehehe.
    Have a great Honey bee day.
    just been reading on bbc red button 'science' concerns about the welsh bees , apparently there is a disease AFB, its terrible, all bees, hives and honey found to have it, have to be destroyed highly infectious,
    caused by spore forming bacteria transferred to the bees through infected food. very worrying.

    have a great day every one

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