Good Morning, Everyone ~ I was one busy gal yest. with deep cleaning my BR & doing all that laundry of the bedding. I had the W/D going most of the day & did 7 loads. Whew! I didn't quite get finished cleaning my BR. I'll finish that today. I did some sorting as well. I chucked a stack of get well cards (from 2005!) when I had surgery into the recycle toter. I have so much stuff to sort through, esp. in my office. I know I need to keep at it & keep chipping away at the job. A couple weeks ago I did sort one filing cabinet drawer & purged a lot of my old nursing papers that I'll never need again.

Today I have a massage scheduled for 10:15. Then I plan to visit another furniture store & get some groc. It's supposed to be very hot, close to 100, the next couple days.