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I have been away off and on for a couple of weeks. After SammyBird died, we were having trouble being home and not having her here so DH got it in his head to look for some property on the coast. We have looked at 25 waterfront properties and have found a few we like, but it is so foreign to me, I can't commit. Everytime we come home, I realize how much I love our property and I have overcome DH's objections that it is too much work by telling him we can hire someone for less than the cost of the move. I think he is going to settle in and now my mind isn't feeling so fragmented.
Anyway, I arrived home this afternoon and found two very generous donations for the Shriner Project. A large box from MOM23 (thanks Robin) and one from Sewbizzy (thanks Carol). I will be working on finishing these exquisite pieces of work and hopefully making my forum friends proud of them. I will be posting some finished pieces this week that I believe are the work of Mimihoward. My DD helped me finish some of them as I was falling so far behind this year.