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Thread: Happy Friday

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    Default Happy Friday

    Came here earlier but forum was down. . So I got some things done and now it's a bit of breaktime. The good news from yesterday is that my embroidery machine is functional again. It turned out to be a bit of tangled thread gumming up the works. After trying a couple other things yesterday morning something told me to get a flashlight and look in the thread uptake part. So I enlisted the help of hubby and we tried a couple different things to get that little troublemaker out of there. It's a small opening and I didn't want to use anything that might damage the machine. What did the trick was a pipecleaner! It was soft and gentle enough to slide in the area but "sticky" enough that the thread stuck to it. Woohoo. I did a bit more cleaning to make sure nothing else was in there, plugged the machine back in, turned it on and did a practice run and did a jig of joy when it stitched out perfectly. So happy.

    So now it's time to get on with the rest of my day. Have a good one everyone.
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