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    Default Jenny on the road

    For those of you that have attended a Jenny event any suggestions. I am going Friday and want to be sure to take advantage of everything. How far in advance did you arrive. Is there a lunch break? What does the pop up shop carry? How crowded does it get. Do you have sufficient time to shop. Can you see and hear her good.
    Thanks for any information you can give me.

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    Default Re: Jenny on the road

    Hi Claudia. I went to a two hour trunk show, so no meal break. I arrived probably 10-15 minutes befor the show started, but I'd purchased advanced tickets.

    But here's my big tip. I made myself a vest that had the M* Row-by-Row license plate sewn to the back. I also embroidered "Hi Jenny! I'm from The Forum" on the back. So Jenny and Ron knew I was a big fan. Feel free to "borrow" my idea, we forum members could start a veritable movement wearing these!

    Also, think ahead of time about what question you'd like to ask. When Q&A time came, "Any questions?" no one spoke up for awhile. You'd actually be helping Jenny if you break the ice with a question!

    Have a wonderful time!
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    Default Re: Jenny on the road

    I attended her trunk show at M* when I was there. The auditorium was packed as tour busses brought quite a few people in for it. Before she got on the stage to show her quilts she moved around and spoke to the audience so you could see and hear her quite well. She has a wonderful sense of humor. She puts on a very nice show.
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