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Thread: Happy Monday!

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    Well, I'm back. I've been on the phone with my oldest for over 40 minutes. When I asked how he was, his response was livid!

    Oh boy! The homeschool co-op has him set up for tutoring math this year. If you need help, the student/ parent makes the appointment and it's pay as you go, as many sessions as needed and the session times are already programmed into his daily schedule. Well, he got an email this morning from the main office... tutoring math sessions are available $10.00 an hour! Where he had the opportunity to make up for the classes they took for him by taking on the tutor session, now he's looking at another big cut in his pay. He'll be making less than Howard's pension and SSI for me, and he has 3 kids and a wife!

    He walked and we talked. He'll be on the computer a lot today. First is to write his out of anger letter, then delete it. Then he'll write his tactful letter to the admin of PEP in Ohio. After that, updating the resume and start applying for middle management in several retail spots around the area. He's really level headed, once the angry gets out. I told him, I was sorry, he was like me and his name sake.

    After all the tension with PEP last spring, I felt like he wasn't supposed to be there this year. He'll land on his feet and it will be for the better.

    One thing that really made me a proud mom, he said several times in our conversations, I hope nobody else is going through this, they're making it so hard. Then he listed a couple of folks that might be hurt by this latest stunt. He also said, I hope they're not taking money from of a family that's depending on it. I was thinking, like you're family doesn't depend on your paycheck?

    Keep Jim in your thoughts and prayers. He's being pushed to move on to something. I hope he figures it out quickly.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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    Default Re: Happy Monday!

    I spent the weekend scrubbing my kitchen and bath cabinets. They're all unfinished cherry wood, which seems to "breathe" every year and get a kind of white dust. Well, this year rather than just wipe off the dust, I decided to really scrub thoroughly. It was shocking how stiff I got. Finally stopped to go to a Sunday evening church service.

    Just as Mass was starting, I see my husband's sister & family slide into a pew about three rows up. They didn't see me. But the lines got muddled a bit during Communion, and people were deep in prayer on both ends of my pew, so I couldn't get back to the center. So instead, I slid into my SIL's pew. It was nice to be so lovingly welcomed. They even bought me dinner afterward! We had such a good time.

    Today, I finish my cabinets. I also need to work, to finish up the financial reporting from the last fiscal year. Once that reporting is done, my "official" retirement will become my ACTUAL retirement. I'm so looking forward to that!
    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?

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